My name is Alex Lim and I am photographer/filmmaker based in Seattle.

I am leading small teams of creative professionals (4-8 crew + talent) on backpacking expeditions around the Pacific Northwest to create fashion editorial short films and photo series.

These are generally produced on trips between 3-7 days in the field, and requiring the crew to hike between 15-30 miles roundtrip (on average).

Some projects are geared more towards lifestyle/commercial clients, and some are fashion or more fantasy/abstract/art-oriented.  The film and photo narratives tackle a variety of primal emotive themes; struggle/loss, beauty, adventure/discovery, love, death/re-birth, etc.   The landscapes play a heavy role in the storytelling with emphasis on integrating the character into the environment.  There is an underlying message of preservation and appreciation of the natural world.


These are collaborative projects, not for profit, and as such are non-paid.

The final product will be entered into film festivals, hosted in gallery exhibitions, and used as portfolio show-pieces + self-standing art.

There is zero corporate sponsorship; all expenses, gear, costume, etc are funded out of pocket.

Appropriate training, gear and supplies will be provided to talent and crew as needed.


  • Create spectacular original visual content worthy of the scope, scale, and beauty of the PNW's diverse landscapes.
  • Capture comprehensive behind the scenes documentary & social content.
  • Practice 'Leave No Trace' principles throughout production.
  • Use state of the art production equipment and methods, including aerial, handheld over rough terrain, & solar-powered minimalistic production


Pre-production, production and post-production time commitments vary per project.

Some more 'spontaneous' (over a weekend for example) but most are planned in advance with months of lead time. 

Talent & crew should expect pre-production days that include:

  • Casting
  • Test Shoots
  • Makeup/Hair Trials
  • Fittings
  • Rehearsals
  • and Technical/Fitness Training

The environments in which we are filming are diverse, but wilderness conditions are the norm. The physical and mental demand should be taken very seriously.  Proper preparation is critical for safety, comfort, and the success of our final product.